Install a Cabinet Rollout Shelf

This installation is not a big project so doing it yourself should be highly manageable.
Install a Cabinet Rollout Shelf
You’ll impose order on the chaos and maximize the space with a project you can complete yourself. (ClosetMaid/TNS)

We found the solution to kitchen cabinet storage space by installing a rollout storage shelf. You’ll see these cabinet and kitchen organizers in 2-tier pull-out units that you install inside a cabinet. It doubles the storage capacity and eliminates the search-and-seizure job of getting down on your hands and knees with a flashlight to see what’s buried in the back. You’ll impose order on the chaos and maximize the space with a project you can complete yourself—even if you’re new to doing it yourself. An array of these storage components made of chrome or epoxy-coated enamel are sold in home centers and online at

To install a chrome cabinet shelf that pulls out on a sliding track, a carpenter will charge $173, which includes the labor and material. This is such a small project you may have trouble finding someone to do the job. If you decide to hire someone, make a list of other similar quick fixes to make it worth the visit.

You can buy and install the rollout shelf unit, which includes the screws to secure it, for $85, saving 51 percent. To do it yourself, you'll need a measuring tape, drill and screwdriver. The difficult and dreaded part of this job is emptying the cabinet and finding a place to put all the stuff while you work on the interior.

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Pro Cost—DIY Cost—Pro time—DIY Time—DIY Savings—Percent Saved

$173—$85—1.8—3.0—$88—51 percent

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