Install a Water Softener

If you have some plumbing experience, this is a project you could do.
Install a Water Softener
A water softener reduces soap film around rings in sinks, bathtubs and washing machines. (General Electric/TNS)

A water softener system is designed to remove the accumulation of minerals from building up inside plumbing pipes, fixtures and hot water heaters. The system is used in locations where hard water is a fact of life, so it’s a preventive measure to extend the life of some appliances. The system will remove dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium that ordinary filters can’t help. And it prevents mineral spots from building up on glassware and reduces soap film around rings in sinks, bathtubs and washing machines.

A water softener company will install a good-quality system for a small house with one and a half bathrooms and charge $1,085, which includes the labor and material. If you have plumbing experience and tools, and are replacing an existing system, you can make the installation for $595, the cost of the unit and installation kit, and save 45 percent.

It makes sense that a water softener system should be located near the water source, or within 5 feet of the main water supply, and within 10 feet of proper drainage and a 120v/60hz electrical outlet.

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Pro Cost—DIY Cost—Pro time—DIY Time—DIY Savings—Percent Saved

$1,085—$595—4.8—8.5—$490—45 percent

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