Readers Share More Great Time- and Money-Saving Tips and Tricks!

Save money on meat, trips to the salon, and more.
Readers Share More Great Time- and Money-Saving Tips and Tricks!
Spending a little more on 100 percent silk shirts is worth it. (Daisy Daisy/Shutterstock)
Sharing our hope, strength, and super money-saving ideas is one of the best things about this Everyday Cheapskate family! My virtual mailbag has been full and running over as of late. Today, it’s time to share a few of your great ideas.

Thrifty Layering

Explore your preferred thrift store for 100 percent silk shirts or blouses. I am always amazed by what I can find. While they may cost a bit more than cotton or polyester, silk options prove valuable when worn under sweaters, cardigans, turtleneck shirts, and more, as they make excellent insulating layers for cold weather. If the care instructions are missing, consider searching online for guidance on maintaining and cleaning silk clothing.—Jasmine, Idaho

Bulk Lunchmeat

My husband and I figured out a money-saving trick for lunchmeats. We purchase unsliced meats by the pound at discount stores (we prefer Aldi, but others offer the same). Then, we slice the meat ourselves using a $5 slicer we bought at an estate sale. If you aren’t that lucky, look on Amazon for meat slicers (not that expensive when you consider what a great investment it is for most households). This method saves us about 50 percent because stores usually mark up the price by that much to cover deli staff, packaging, and convenience. It’s been working well for us and we are happy with the savings we are enjoying by doing it ourselves.—Ellen, Virginia

Hair Color Buddies

As friends, we decided to swap coloring our hair instead of spending so much money at a salon. Now, our only expense is the cost of the hair dye. We’ve discovered an easy and cost-effective way to get the job done and experiment with different colors, all while having fun doing it. It’s amazing how much money we are not spending on trips to the salon!—Jenn and Abby, California

Toiletry Stash

I’ve begun a little savings strategy that comes in handy during tight times. Whenever I come across a sale on things like tissues, toilet paper, or soap, I buy extra, then set one aside on a hidden shelf in my hall closet. This way, in weeks when money is tight, I can rely on my secret stash to get by for an extra week or two with essential supplies.—Charlie, Arizona

Blind Lengthening

Our two living room windows are taller than the standard. Instead of paying for custom blinds, we bought three blinds that were the correct width. We used sections of the third blind to lengthen the short ones. Following the instructions for how to shorten blinds, we removed the bottom portions, tied on the correct length, and replaced the finished bottoms. We saved almost $150 doing this, and we have custom blinds with the option of opening only one or both sections.—Jeanne, Ohio


I slice oranges and/or lemons and place them around my front door and garden areas to keep the neighborhood cats from marking their territory in my yard. Works great!—Veronica, Georgia

Leaky Car

If your car leaks fluid and you either can’t determine the location of the leak or it leaks randomly, do this: Take a large sheet of butcher paper or a cardboard box that has been flattened. Place it under the car. Using a black marking pen, mark on the paper exactly where each tire and the front bumper are located. Leave it there until the leaks occur again. Now, when you take your car to the mechanic you can place the paper back using the notes as a guide and they'll know where to look for the leaks.—Amy, Utah

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