What If Your Unwanted Car Can Help Change the World: Cars4Compassion

What If Your Unwanted Car Can Help Change the World: Cars4Compassion
What If Your Unwanted Car Can Help Change the World: Cars4Compassion (The Epoch Times)

Do you have a vehicle collecting dust in your driveway? Whether car, boat, or other, your unwanted vehicle can significantly impact your community, country, and world.

At The Epoch Times, we are vigilant guardians of truth in an era clouded by misinformation. Our unwavering commitment to uncensored, accurate reporting is more than a passion—a call to enlighten and empower society.

Joining our mission, The Epoch Media Group—recognized globally as a beacon of independent journalism—has initiated Cars4Compassion. This charitable endeavor isn’t just another program; it’s a pledge to bring truthful and valuable information to the world through your generous vehicle donation.

What Is Cars4Compassion?

The charity Cars4Compassion is a nonprofit organization that aims to generate funding to support Epoch Media Group’s mission and activities by converting donated vehicles into cash or helping those needing a vehicle.
The funds also support many vital causes, such as traditional journalism, promoting freedom of the press, and fighting censorship. Funding for the Epoch Media Group translates into financing for traditional arts, human rights projects, educational programs, and initiatives that serve the underprivileged. Learn more about the impact of donating to Cars4Compassion by clicking here.

How Does it Work?

The process is simple. Simply contact Cars4Compassion and answer a few short questions about the vehicle they want to donate. Next, Cars4Compassion will arrange to tow the vehicle at the donor’s convenience. Vehicles can be picked up with the key and signed title, with or without the owner’s presence. Lastly, the charity will mail you a tax-deductible receipt immediately following the sale of the vehicle.

Why Cars4Compassion?

Cars4Compassion aims to make you a happy philanthropist, as shown in testimonials from people like Mr. An, a two-time donor. Donating his family vehicle for 27 years was no easy decision. The 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560 was not only one of the best models of its era but held unforgettable memories of traveling with his wife and children. Mr. An’s hope was for the life value of this car to be continued. He told the donation team member, “I hope that these two cars can play a greater role in CARS4COMPASSION’s mission,” and shared his goal to make a positive impact through CARS4COMPASSION’s supported programs.
Another donor, Mr. Wang, is a strong supporter of the Epoch Media Group’s philosophy of reporting news truthfully. When he needed to sell his vehicle to move to the city, he wanted to donate it to a good cause. Cars4Compassion facilitated the car to be purchased by a retired police officer who had suffered a gunshot injury. The police officer was going to give the car to his son, who was returning home after being injured while serving in the military.

Mr. Wang was delighted to hear that the car was purchased for someone that needed it. His contribution not only supported his favorite media outlet but also helped a patriotic soldier, making this car donation a fulfilling ending for both the donor and recipient.

With Cars4Compassion, every donation is vital in enriching people’s lives and the world. With no intermediary, every penny of the proceeds goes to the charity’s mission and cause. Your vehicle can continue to make a difference through Cars4Compassion. You can donate to Cars4Compassion here and make a positive impact in your country and the world today.
🇺🇸Official Website: https://www.cars4compassion.org
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